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Research On The Development Of The Traditional Newspaper Industry Under Media Convergence

Posted on:2013-03-28Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Media convergence is under rapid development driven by the transmission technological revolution. Media convergence is not only a profound technological revolution, but also an unprecedented industrial revolution. Industries such as broadcasting and television, press and telecom converge in content production, network transmission and product terminal. Their original vertical integrated structure has gradually turned into a horizontal integrated structure.The industrial revolution brought by media convergence is a "double-edged sword" to the newspaper industry. On the one hand, media convergence brings new challenges to the development of the newspaper industry. The emerging of new media such as network and handset has changed the old media ecological environment of the newspaper industry. The technological environment, audience source, media system, and media competition have all been turned upside down. These changes make the future development of the newspaper industry more difficult and the traditional newspaper industry is facing problems such as decrease in circulation and advertising revenues, and constant reduction in young readers. On the other hand, the realization of content convergence, transmission convergence, and terminal convergence provides new hopes and development ways for the transformation and future development of the newspaper industry. The traditional newspaper industry should make the best out of the development opportunities brought by the media convergence to transform in content and channel.To be specific, in content, the traditional newspaper industry should not only meet the requirements of the content convergence by building a joint editing department to reconstruct the content production procedures, but also adapt to the needs of the content industrial development in this media convergence era by establishing a newspaper industry database to lower the production costs of the newspaper industry and add value to information. In channel, the newspaper industry should first integrate the existing channels to implement vertical channel strategy, through which information can be transmitted and sold. The expansion of network channel is one of the essential parts in the vertical channel strategy. Efforts should be paid to promote good interaction between newspaper and network and create a newspaper-network integrated operation situation. To do it, the newspaper industry needs to try hard in network video, develop in a multimedia way and provide vivid contents. Also, the newspaper industry should make use of SNS websites to promote the contents of the newspaper so as to get more audience and enhance the pervasion and influence of its contents. Moreover, newspapers also need to get into new mobile terminals, develop new versions for mobile reading, and explore new profitability modes to expand to a broader business space.In conclusion, in this media convergence era, newspapers should not do nothing when facing difficulties, but search for new development hopes and opportunities to realize its transformation development.
Keywords/Search Tags:media convergence, newspaper industry transformation, content convergence, channel innovation
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