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Research On Organization Structure Transformation Of Newspaper Editorial Department In The Background Of Media Convergence

Posted on:2015-07-26Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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Ever since the Party's third plenary session of the eleven, Chinese newspaper has gong through two significant transformations. During the second transformation, newspaper should not only hold fast to the release of the media, but also involved in the launching of electronic products by the Internet. Some one deems that the paper media has entered a bottleneck; some individuals consider that the paper media just underwent a plication rise and fall in a wavelike manner. Although perspectives are different, the exacerbation of the living environment of the traditional paper media is an admitted fact. In this case, the press as a profession must have the responsibility zealously exploring the road to break out of encirclement.Every change stem from the development and progress of technology. In this revolutionary time, media industry is one of the vocations that have been influenced by digital technology. Tradition media especially the newspaper media is forced to find a way as soon as possible because of the appearance of new media. No matter it is new media or traditional media, the content of the information load on the technology is the root of the continual development of the newspaper industry. So, the research on organization structure transformation of newspaper editorial department in the background of media convergence is vital and essential.Based on this background, this paper selects a newspaper editorial department as the research object, making the organizational structure of editorial department transition as the research visual angle. The paper's research is carried out by literature researching, deep interviewing, through different cases to describe the current status of newspaper editorial department organization structure and existing problems, moreover on the basis of the propagation theory framework, attempts with interdisciplinary study, applying related theoretical resources of the theory of organizational behavior, management science and other subjects and raising the convergence journalism production organizational structure which will be more suitable for the newspaper editorial department operation in the future.This thesis, a total of six chapters within introduction, expound elaborates on the core issue of the transformation of the organizational structure of a newspaper editorial department. The second chapter mainly expounds an intimate relationship of what the media integration with our Chinese transformation of the organizational structure of a newspaper editorial department, and the development, evolution towards its own path and future of the media integration as overall background of the whole thesis research. The third chapter to the fifth chapter is the main part of this paper which explains the present situation, problems, deep reasons and transformation thinking of newspaper editorial department. The author choose three kinds of newapaper editorial departments as examples, including the "rolling news" editorial department of Guangzhou Daily, the "all media" editorial department of Nanfang Daily and the "1+N" editorial department of Hubei Daily. Based on the above analysis, the author put forward the communication jourlism production structure for newspaper editorial's transformation in the future. The sixth chapter is conclusion, the author analyses the new communication technology will bring new problems. The author also made the forecast of newspaper editorial department in the future.
Keywords/Search Tags:media convergence, convergence journalism, newspaper editorialdepartment, organization structure, transformation
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