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Design And Implementation Of An Evaluation Tool For Technical Training Effectiveness Of IT Enterprises

Posted on:2018-11-04Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2428330596958646Subject:Software engineering
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In IT enterprises,the technical training activities have become frequently for the development of technology quickly,that is very important for the evaluation of training effect.However the currently available assessment tool that is systematic and objective and well-informed evaluation tool is rare.The effectiveness evaluation system of IT enterprise technical training is a evaluation tool that is effective,believable,scientific for technical training activities.n order to achieve the effectiveness evaluation tool of technology training,on the one hand,it is necessarily to set up an evaluation index model,that include the content and weight of technology training effect evaluation.And on the other hand,it is necessarily to study the existing process of technology training evaluation.Based on the characteristics and evaluation process of technology training activities,this paper constructed a scientific and reasonable evaluation index system and mathematical model of technology training.The technical training evaluation tool use multi-dimensional evaluation to evaluate technical training activities,and the method of combining quantitative and qualitative methods for index analysis and evaluation.The tool use JSP technology to achieve the front-end display function,and Java,MySQL to achieve business data processing.This paper show that the realization of the comprehensive evaluation method in fuzzy mathematics is an application in the training effect evaluation technology.Through the verification of the evaluation model,the IT enterprise training effect assessment tool can achieve a comprehensive evaluation of technical training activities,allow students to evaluate the training activities and lecturers,manage training activities information,accurately quantify evaluation of lecturers and evaluation of training activities,help timely adjustment and improvement of training activities,conveniently statistics and accounting of work performance on the training department and lecturer at the end of the year,that is more advantageous than artificial evaluation.This system can improve the management of organizing and managing ability on training activities,and ultimately the quality of technical training activities by trainees,lecturers and managers feedbacking.
Keywords/Search Tags:IT technology training effect evaluation, evaluation target system, fuzzy comprehensive evaluation method
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