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The Design And Implementation Of The Evaluation Scheme Subsystem Of Equipment Effectiveness Evaluation System

Posted on:2018-08-13Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2428330566495753Subject:Software engineering
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Efficiency is not only the fundamental basis for the usage,development and acquisition of equipment,but also an important index.With increasingly uncertainty and complexity of the information war,the impact factors of equipment is increasing.Therefore,it is necessary to understand the operational status of the equipment in various situation,if you want to obtain the objective and accurate result of the effectiveness evaluation of the equipment.Equipment effectiveness evaluation system is a system software for effectiveness verification and evaluation of air situation,sea condition,affection,equipment of weapon,simulation training and combat.It based on various business data for a unified statistical analysis,job evaluation,analysis,processing,target analysis and visual display.The software analyzes the data related to the task by analysis model through the computer and then reasonably determine the job evaluation index,finally realize the task performance evaluation.What's more,the configuration can also be deployed flexibly according to the needs of users.The evaluation scheme subsystem of equipment effectiveness evaluation system is a set of programs formulated for the evaluation of an evaluation object.In this paper,we first starting from the background and significance,analyzed the research status at home and abroad in the aspect of effectiveness evaluation.Then we analyzed the requirements of the system,which mainly from user requirements,functional requirements and nonfunctional requirements.Third,we established the system objective of framework,designed system framework,introduced the system evaluation model and designed function modules including the establishment of index system,index system of evaluation scheme configuration,calculation process and algorithms library and so on.Finally,the system function module was realized according to the demand analysis and system design,and the black box test and performance test was carried out on the system.From the system running results,users can create an evaluation scheme,that is establish a corresponding index system based on the object to be evaluated,and on the basis of the index system,the calculation process is configured,then the evaluation object is evaluated from the bottom up through the hierarchical structure,finally,the evaluation results are obtained.The system has basically achieved the expected functions and goals,and has been delivered online successfully.In the following development process,some new features will be added and the system performance will be further improved.
Keywords/Search Tags:Evaluation model, Effectiveness assessment, Indicator system, Calculation process
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