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Evaluation Of Students Learning Of Fundamentals Of Computer Courses Based On The MOOC Platform

Posted on:2018-01-07Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y LiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2348330512991997Subject:Curriculum and teaching theory
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As the Extensive development of MOOC(massive open online courses)at home and abroad,more and more people are aware of the problem of the evaluation of MOOC.The researches about the evaluation of MOOC are very scarce now.Furthermore,there are no uniform standards and conclusions to the evaluation of the MOOC platforms,the MOOC courses,the learner's study effect and teachers in the MOOC environment.The research of MOOC evaluation is an important issue for the future development of MOOC.Aims at the defic iency of the ways of students learning evaluation,this thesis uses the support of multip le evaluation theories,starts with the three d imens ional teaching objectives which are knowledge and skills,process and method,emotional attitude and values,it takes the MOOC course of Fundamentals of Computers as an example,based on the MPOC teaching mode,uses multi p latform to assist teaching to obtain the effective learning behavior data in MOOC platform,sojump and general exam supplicant system to construct student learning evaluation index system in MOOC environment and determine the weight of evaluation index of different levels and to accomplish the application and realization of completion in practical teaching.This thesis aims to accomplish the student-centered multi-dimensional,multi angle,comprehensive,accurate and objective evaluation and to provide basis and reference to the development of evaluation function module of MOOC platform,to improve the MOOC platform,and to construct the learning environment of everyone can learn at anytime and anywhere.In the meantime,motivate students to learn and improve their learning quality.This thes is contains seven chapters: The first chapter is introduction,which mainly express the background,status,contents,significance,method and thoughts of the research.The second chapter mainly states the relevant evaluation theory and related concepts which this topic based on.The third chapter mainly elaborates the imp lementation mode of MOOC platform and MOOC courses.The forth chapter mainly explains the effective learning behavior data obtained in MOOC platform,sojump and general exam supplicant system and offline c lass.The fifth chapter expounds the construction of student learning evaluation index system in MOOC courses based on the Fundamentals of Computers and determines the weight of evaluation index of different levels.The sixth chapter introduces the application and accomplishment of evaluation index system in practical teaching.The seventh chapter sets forth the result,creation,insufficiency and the future direction of this research.It is proved by teaching practice that the learning effect in new evaluation mode is better than trad itional ways.The new evaluation mode concerns the overall development of students;it encourages and promotes students' study,promotes their development and improves teaching quality.
Keywords/Search Tags:MOOC, multiple evaluation, process evaluation, evaluation indicator, learning behavior
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