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Research Of Quality Assessment And Implementation Of Evaluation Tool For MDS3400Command And Control System

Posted on:2013-01-20Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y Y GuoFull Text:PDF
GTID:2248330374999137Subject:Software engineering
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With the widespread use of communications technology and all kinds of extreme environments, the exchange of information and communication requirements, the quality of the product of the Command and Control System, an increasingly important impact on our lives. MDS3400Command and Control System, on the one hand MDS3400Command and Control System bears, such as train scheduling and other routine business communications, on the other hand the MDS3400Command and Control System also undertake certain emergency situations and events communication support functions. In order to make the above two tasks in the application can be guaranteed, so how to ensure the quality of these systems significantly is particularly important.Authors from the beginning of the internship, has been engaged the Command and Control System MDS3400testing. Command and Control System of a large number of test data in the test, but these data failed to obtain a full application, so the authors decided to use these data to its the MDS3400Command and Control System developed characteristics and evaluation of software quality research quality evaluation.The object of this paper is to measure and evaluate the external quality of the Command and Control System, we know that different types of products is not the same quality requirements for MDS3400Command and Control System products corresponding to the external quality model is necessary. Some of the major business of MDS3400Command and Control System, for example, reference to GJB5236the quality of model quality characteristics for MDS3400the establishment the MDS3400Command and Control System of the external quality measurement model, and its quality is decomposed into quality characteristics, quality child characteristics, measure, the MDS3400command and Control System test metrics mapping, and the corresponding evaluation; evaluation also uses a weighted algorithm for the evaluation system from the test data to the evaluation measure. Provide an important basis for the MDS3400Command and Control System product quality control.This article used in this model gives three MDS3400business and product evaluation case. And taking into account the automation of the testing quality assessment can improve the efficiency of the evaluation of this article on the MDS3400the model coding to achieve the appropriate evaluation tools.
Keywords/Search Tags:External quality metrics, Product evaluation, Testing and evaluation, Test data, weighted
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