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Research On The Upper Software Of The Safety Monitoring System Of Dangerous Chemicals Logistics Vehicle Based On The Internet Of Things

Posted on:2019-10-13Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:C L LiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2428330548954246Subject:Logistics engineering
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With the economic development in our country,the output and quantity of dangerous chemicals have been increasing year by year.As aviation,railways and shipping have more restrictions on the transportation of hazardous chemicals and the cost is also high,so road transport has become the main mode of transport of dangerous chemicals.Due to chemical nature,hazardous chemicals are potentially dangerous in transit and are prone to leakage,fire and explosion,etc.Once the danger occurs,the consequences will be unimaginable.Therefore,the management and monitoring of hazardous chemicals on the road are extremely urgent.First of all,according to the current status of hazardous chemicals transportation in our country,as well as the occurrence of vehicle speeding and pilfering pilots,this paper analyzes the functional requirements of the safety monitoring software system for hazardous chemicals logistics vehicles.The dangerous goods logistics vehicle safety monitoring software system is divided into two parts: the dangerous goods logistics vehicle transportation management system and the Internet of things logistics monitoring system.The dangerous goods logistics vehicle transportation management system mainly manages the basic information in the vehicle transportation process,the networked logistics monitoring system mainly monitors vehicle condition and transport safety by the Beidou navigation,vehicle sensors and cameras and other equipment.In this paper,the two parts are described in detail.Secondly,the data needed for the safety monitoring software system of hazardous chemicals logistics vehicles are studied in detail.First of all,the system needs data analysis,and then need to collect the original data acquisition such as vehicle speed,latitude and longitude of the vehicle,the sensor information and image information,and the original data need to use the smoothing filter algorithm to process by eliminating the abnormal results in the sampling data to improve the veracity of the data;Secondly,the output data for data analysis need to be process and analysis,through the analysis and judgment of various types of data,automatic monitoring of hazardous chemicals logistics vehicles around the real-time monitoring,automatic alarm and upload images.And manage staffwill be easy to deal with.Finally,the dangerous goods logistics vehicle safety monitoring software system has been exhaustive design,implementation and testing.In the database design,I choose the common relational database SQL SERVER database;in the function realization,the system uses the Microsoft Visual Studio development platform,at the same time the C#programming language is used to carry on the software system development.I achieve the specific functions of the dangerous goods logistics vehicle safety Monitoring software systems,and I completed three aspects of the test of the system from the security,page,function.
Keywords/Search Tags:Internet of Things, Transportation of Hazardous Chemicals, C#, Security Monitoring and Control
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