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Design And Research On Safety Of Securities Customer Relationship Management System

Posted on:2016-05-28Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:S Y HuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2428330473965035Subject:Software engineering
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Stock market's Informationization is an important component of China's Informationization construction,securities firms,stock exchanges and other relevant bodies must make use of a variety of new technical methods to improve the level of corporate governance,accelerate product innovation and improve customer service levels,thus ensuring the company in an invincible position in the fierce competition.This paper analyzes the stock market situation and existing problems of customer relationship management system,and puts forward solutions to these problems and design programs.Securities industry management systems can improve customer relationship management,to enhance safety and technological innovation,improve disaster recovery systems and other aspects,promote further improvement of customer relationship management in the securities industry.Break of the traditional way of face to face communication,integrated information communication,interpersonal,and implementation of precision marketing,as well as enhance the interactive features,enhance communication with clients,customers,and their clients,through the communication channels,increase brand awareness and loyalty.How to change securities companies at the same time,effectively rely on models to enhance the competitiveness,would be a bold and groundbreaking innovative design.This will be a stock company and its customer base as object,using methods of comparative analysis,quantitative analysis,and design a system to enhance customer engagement,product launches and other means,to improve services,facilitating client transactions,securities company's brand,and enhance the competitiveness of enterprises.This article is based on software engineering B / S structure to achieve primarily,including customer management,sales management,customer service,care surveys,service support,contract orders,product management,exchange of experiences,backstage management modules.Where customer service module based on customer transaction data in the database,and can automatically generate the level of groups,including recommended products,securities company employees to provide products recommended window,according to the investment preferences and risk level,the promotion of related products to customers,through remote desktop and other forms to customers about product features.Log management can achieve and maintain personal information management status and album management and personal display related functions.Modules for the exchange of experience at all levels of management capabilities to provide users with friends,customers can CRUD and set permissions;customer interaction functions to achieve chat communication,display and other operations.Mention the backstage management system,including functional management,role management,menu management,user management.The system uses the Unified Modeling Language analysis and design,and the use of the popular WEB technology development,the use of cross-platform development language Java,software developers can easily intervene to support dynamic download and upgrade applications,J2 EE provides HTTP,TCP and other Internet protocols,which allows direct access to all the phone securities trading,existing information security consulting and providing online stock trading information,and to test the safety and stability.
Keywords/Search Tags:securities market, b/s structure, customer relationship management, UML modeling
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