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A Design Of Building Monitoring And Management System Based On Internet Of Things

Posted on:2018-04-12Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Q Y ZhangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2348330518975694Subject:Circuits and Systems
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With the development of information technology, people put forward higher requirements for buildings, intelligent buildings provide people with richer information services, better security and more efficient property management. For traditional intelligent building, there are some issues, such as cumbersome cabling, poor scalability,high cost and simple management. In view of these problems, this paper designs a building monitoring and management system with wireless communication technology,embedded technology, Web communication, TCP/IP communication. This systerm achieves intelligent and efficient building management. It supports on-site automatic control. Moreover, it provides remote device management, fault diagnosis, command and dispatch. The main work of this paper is as follows:First of all, the problems of intelligent building were analyzed. And for these problems, a design of a building monitoring and management system was put forword. In overall design of the system, the B/S and C/S hybrid architectures were studied.Secondly, the wireless communication technology such as Bluetooth, Zigbee, WiFi and the network topology of star, tree and mesh were studied. The feasibility of wireless sensor network based on SI4463 was demonstrated. Moreover, the communication protocol of Web communication technology and TCP / IP socket were researched, and the communication protocol of Web and server, server and ARM platform, ARM platform and coordinator, coordinator and subnode were developed. The protocol is concise and the normal communication is satisfied.Then, it comes the design of the entire system. Based on SI4463 wireless sensor network and ARM platform, a data acquisition subsystem(DAS) was designed to achieve data collection, automatic control, data reporting, remote command execution in its area.Using C/S mode, a data transmission and management subsystem was designed to achieve centralized management of multi-DASs. Using B/S mode, a remote monitoring platform based on Web was designed to realize remote monitoring and management.Finally, it comes to system test, including communication test and functional test.The tests results showed that the system meet the expected requirements and worked well in complex building environment with automatic control and remote control. It achieved safety monitoring and managing in large-scale building.
Keywords/Search Tags:Internet of things, monitoring management, building, SI4463, embedded
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