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Controller Research And Design For The Internet Of Things For Building Electrical Equipments

Posted on:2013-04-02Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:X C DuanFull Text:PDF
GTID:2248330371972886Subject:Detection Technology and Automation
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As a new technology in recent years, Internet of Things (IOT) technology which is applied to the building sector has become a major trend in the current development. The Internet of Things for Building Electrical Equipments introduces the IOT technology into the intelligent building field for the first time so as to establish a new way for energy-saving in new buildings as well as management and control of all kinds of building electrical equipments. All kinds of building electrical equipments need to join in the network by The Internet of Things for Building Equipments, however, most of them do not have a network interface, so it has great significance for the promotion and application of the Internet of Things for Building Equipments to carry out the study of the equipments to join in the network. This thesis uses ATMEGA64L as a MCU to design an equipment controller for the Internet of Things for Building Equipments, which also uses the self-learning and wireless communications.This thesis first describes structure of the Internet of Things for Building Equipments and the key technologies applied for it. The structure of the Internet of Things for Building Equipments is divided into three layers, which is perception layer, network layer, application layer. Wireless network is used for intercommunication between equipment controller and room controller which is communicated with management computer through the internet in building.Then this thesis raises a general design proposal for the equipment controller after analyzing features of building electrical equipments. Regarding the hardware design, an infrared interface circuit, an electrical parameters measurement and control circuit and a communication circuit are arranged to achieve interconnection with the infrared control equipment, the switching control equipment and the RS485communication equipment, they can also achieve the acquisition of their electrical parameters. Modular concept is adopted in software design which includes programs for all functions required by the equipment controller. This thesis also describes reasonable dispatching of those programs.At last, this controller is applied on equipments using switching value such as lamps, infrared air-conditioner and RS485air-conditioner and tests are carried out. The results of applications and tests indicate those equipments can be excellently controlled by this controller and the initial design requirements are met. This equipment controller has advantages of simple design, comprehensive functions, compact structure and favoring broad application of the Internet of Things for Building Equipment in buildings.
Keywords/Search Tags:Internet of Things, Building equipment, Equipment controlle, Integration ofmanagement and control
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