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Value And Crisis : A Study Of The Fusion Of The Public Space And Private Space On The Social Platforms

Posted on:2018-02-12Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The relationship between public space and private space has experienced three processes.At the beginning,they are integrated.And then,Public space is separated from the private space.Now,with the development of social economy and the transition of the popular psychology under the background of consumer society,the public space and the private space show the trend of fusion again.Network space especially social platforms makes the private information and events can come into the public space easily.The boundary between the two spaces becomes blurred.At the era of social media,the trend of fusion is more obvious.This paper analyzed the public and private properties of the social platforms to lead to the theme of this study:that is the fusion of the public space and private space on the social platforms.This article studied the status of the fusion between the public space and private space using the case analysis and text analysis.Through the analysis of some typical cases happened in recent years,this paper came to some conclusions.The fusion of the public space and private space mainly presents as the trend of the privatization of public space and the pubic of private space.On the one hand,the fusion of public space and private space brings to diverse body and sound and also stimulates personal development.On the other hand,if the fusion of public space and private space is over,it would cause series of social crisis.At the age of social media,it is a big problem for users and media to avoid these crisis and conflicts.This paper points out that these crisis under the background of the fusion of the public space and private space are caused by three main factors.They are the development of computer technology,the media entertainment and the absence of media literacy.To run these crisis and conflicts,some technological and legal means are necessary.But the key is to improve the media literacy of users and media.
Keywords/Search Tags:public space, private space, social media platform, Media literacy
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