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Researching On The Relationship Between Media And Social Space

Posted on:2011-03-13Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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1960s, in the complex political, cultural background, the Western academica had systematical research on the "social space", Journalism and Communication was also a very important force. In recent years, the study statement of the domestic journalism academica on the "relationship between media and society", also gradually came into fashion. In addition to the influence of the Western academia's research, this study fit the modernization process of China.In the tide of "destroying the old and creating the new" during the modern urban construction, a large number of "spaces" representing the urban history and culture, such as ancient streets, buildings, are or are about to disappear, the medias, such as newspapers, TV, become the "last straw", by which the city residents look for collective memory and cultural belonging.During the implementation process of policy institution, such as "village connecting village", television down to rural areas, TV and other medias are becoming more and more in-depth "popularity" to the remote mountain village, minority communities, the transmission of urban culture by modern medias palys important parts in changing the living pattern of the local space, which is similar to the case that knowledge youth affected the rural life deptly by interpersonal communication in The Cultural Revolution.These are very important media phenomenons that media affects and changes social space as related above, not within the disciplines of journalism and communication, but in the entire background of social life, interpreting this phenomenon has certain value.In 2008, the Symposium, "Fudan University ForumĀ·Media and Social Space", reflected the fundamental studying statement of domestic journalism academica, researching for the media and space, also formulated a certain significance framework.For the ambiguous definition about the relationship of "Media and Space" in the current scholarship, this article specifically puts forward that there is a production relation between media and space, and interprates the production logic of the relations in the way of exampling concrete cases, these rations as follows, first, media products "imaginary" space by constructing the collective space consciousness; second, in cross-cultural context, the media alters the rural life formulas, changes the structure of rural life space, and produces the"space imagination" rural people to urban culture.By using content analysis, field surveys and other methods, this article argues the above hypotheses, in constructing the collective historical memory, mass cultural sense of belonging, political awareness and so on, the media produces the'Third Space"; on the other hand, in the forms of consumerism, cultural ideology, power and ideological dimensions, the media produces the "space concept" of local people, thus promoting to change the rural life space.
Keywords/Search Tags:Social space, Space production, The third space, Rural social changing
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