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Analysis Of The Expansion Of Private Words To Public Words Space From Emotion Report In The Media

Posted on:2007-08-25Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The paper explores the expansion of private words to the public words space of the media phenomenon by analyzing a new news pattern ---- emotion report. Firstly, the paper defines the theory of the public words and the private words, and points out that public words space is relative to"public sphere"of Habermas. Private words refer to the words practice of private sphere, which occurs in the mass media of the public sphere. And the paper demonstrates the background of private words and the relation between private words and public words.Secondly, this paper focuses on the analysis of a typical private words -- emotion report from three perspectives including the media, the audience and the speaker to explore the reasons for its prosperity, and on the analysis of the emotion report that the media shows audience, such as homogeneous emotion report ,vulgar emotion report, and false emotion report.Thirdly, from the four major media, such as newspaper, radio, television and networks, the paper analyses the specific behaving about the expansion of the private words to the public words space and focuses on the deep incentives about it, such as the relatively relaxed political environment, the prevalence of consumerism, the rise of mass culture and the deficiencies of religious beliefs. Subsequently, the paper explores the negative effects of the excessive expansion, for example, the public words space is invaded, the public consciousness is absent, and the privacy right is threatened.etc.Finally, the paper gives countermeasure to the problems about the excessive expansion of the private words to public words space, that is, establishing the double words space, which can develop harmoniously between the privacy words and the public words, and explores a few specific and available measures.
Keywords/Search Tags:Private Words, Public Words, Emotion Report, Mass Culture, Double Words Space
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