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Research On Private Space Of Public Space In New Media Environment

Posted on:2014-10-01Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y L ZhangFull Text:PDF
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New media was catalyzed by new technology. New media brought a change tothe mode of existence and lifestyle for humanity. The dissociation of state andsociety has arisen in transitional China to some extent, the social structure appearsthe trend that set “the state” opposite to “the society”. The new growths of publicsphere in China are credited to the development of technology provided by newmedia on that basis.The freedom of expression and convenient efficient life in digital age wasaccompanied by several social phenomena. Contradictions and clashes, utility andimpetuous appeared into the public space. It appears a pseudo public space be gluttedwith self-interest that public character, intellectuality and criticalness are breaking.The public pay less attention on politics and public affairs, verbal violence diffusedby a large group of people in public space. On the other side, entertainment trend andlow taste trend becoming increasingly popular, various privacy topics flooding thepublic space. The privatization phenomenon appears in public space what definitelyhad a negative influence on society. This phenomenon was caused by numbers ofreasons, including technology, politics, economy, society, cultural, psychology andother various causations. The phenomenon pest control in the present stage should bethe government advocate and self-discipline, what especially in trade and individualself-discipline.This paper combines the context of new media, uses the reference of west“public sphere” theory, from the visual angle of public space analyzes the status,reasons and effects of the phenomenon that public space Privatization in nowadaysChina, and proposes some relative measures for consideration.
Keywords/Search Tags:New Media, Public Space, Public Sphere, Privatization
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