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The Research On Media Literacy Of Government Officials In Social Media Era

Posted on:2016-02-20Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The diversified development of current media industries and the advancing mobile terminal technology have brought the prosperity and development of social media. And the ways of media information dissemination have been changed. As the users of media in social media era and managers, leaders of media industries and government agencies, the government officials’ ability and coping ability in the face of the new interactive mode of communication in social media age are all weak. In view of this phenomenon, arrived that the main connotations of government officials’ media literacy in social media era and the important meaning of official groups who have had the media literacy by running through the media literacy. And combined with the method of questionnaire investigation to analysis the sample which included some officials in Liaoning area shows that there are some problems generally exists in the government officials’ media literacy at present. As users of the media, official groups have many problems. Such as the single contraction motivation of media, the incomprehensive cognition of media, lacking of the applicative technologies of corresponding media, the insufficient use of mass media, the infirmed abilities in dealing with crises in public events,the early-warning ability to interpret the information and public opinion is weak,and so on; As managers of the media, the official groups also have some problems such as the lag management strategy to the media and do not pay enough attention to the organization of media literacy training. As a result, the government officials lacking of media literacy were frequently exposed in recent years. The government agencies’ images of these official groups toward the public were badly affected. By analyzing arrived that, the overall level of government officials’ media literacy is not good in present. One of the most important reasons is the official groups lacking of consciousness and practical action to enhance the media literacy level. And some officials do not take the initiative to contact the media in the daily work life. Also the motivation of contacted the media is single and the way to get information is passive. Therefore, the media literacy of government officials which they should enhanced including the awareness media and the responsibility of the media literacy, the application of media and the technology literacy, the production of information and the consumption literacy, social communication and participation in literacy. While the specific implementation strategies to enhance the government officials’ media literacy should include the support of the government and social participation and also officials’ own efforts; These three affections combined together will enhance the official groups’ media literacy fundamentally. Because of the specialties of government officials’ identity, the officials’ media literacy level is not only reflects the government’s ruling ability and level, but also as a part of the national soft power; it is worth of the whole society to make positive efforts to promote the officials’ media literacy level.
Keywords/Search Tags:Government officials, Media literacy, Social media, Guidance of public opinion, Involved in monitoring
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