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The Impact Of New Media On The Spatial Relationships Conversion

Posted on:2015-02-28Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2298330467468611Subject:Art of Design
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With the development of science and technology, the media’s influence on human lifealso gradually expanded.In the mixture of old and new media environment, the human livingspace has taken place great changes unconsciously.Before the appearance of new media, thehuman living space is mainly mixed with social space of physical space.At the same time, weare controlling, adjusting and reforming the physical space, so that we can have a moresuitable living space for human development.After the new media, especially in the cyberspace, our living space is made with mixture space of social relationship which is by thetheme of physical space mixed with social relationship into a theme of physical space andsyberspace mixed with social relationship. The truth is when the physical space as the basisof cyberspace also act on the cyber space, and when the cyberspace in development on thebasis of the physical space also created a reaction to the physical space.Our living space is being invade gradually by the cyber space. At the same time, moreand more people became immersed in cyber space.Perhaps in the near future our living spacewill be occupied entirely by cyber space.
Keywords/Search Tags:Traditional media, New Media, Cyberspace, Physical space, Virtualspace, Mixing space, Space conversion
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