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Development Of Monitoring System Based On ZigBee And GPRS In Cold Chain

Posted on:2016-10-08Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2308330479489641Subject:Instrument Science and Technology
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Blood transfusion is an essential part of modern health care, and it helps to save millions of lives every year. The high-quality storage and transportation of blood and blood products is very important for the clinical use. It’s essential to use the real-time monitoring system of blood cold chain in order to ensure the safety and reliable quality of blood and blood products.Through the analysis of domestic and foreign research situation and performance of cold chain monitoring system, this paper presents a monitoring system based on Zig Bee and GPRS in cold chain. The system is consisted of collector node and the master node. The collector node collects the temperature data of monitored objects. The temperature data of collector nodes are aggregated to the master node through Zig Bee. Then these data are stored in local SD card for backup. At the same time, the remote monitoring center receives data from the master node through GPRS network.This paper detailed elaborates the implementation process of cold chain monitoring system hardware. Firstly, the main devices are selected appropriately. The TI CC2530 is used for Zig Bee. And the STM32F107 RC is used for the master node.Secondly, this paper elaborates the hardware design of collector node, master node and router node.The software design of monitoring system consists of hardware drivers and remote monitoring software. The hardware drivers include GPS, GPRS, USB, SD card, Ethernet, UART and Zig Bee. The remote monitoring software which is programmed by Lab VIEW receives and displays the temperature and GPS data.Based on the implementation of the system hardware and software, this paper did a variety of tests. Firstly, the Zig Bee network is tested. It’s concluded of the function of collector node and the master node.The result shows that the development of cold chain monitoring system achieved the expected requirements and objectives.
Keywords/Search Tags:cold chain monitoring, ZigBee, GPRS, STM32F107RC
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