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Design And Application Of Teacher Information Management System With B/S Structure

Posted on:2016-01-03Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Contemporary Chinese society is a rapid development of the information society, and information technology has penetrated into every aspect of Chinese society, universities must adapt to modern information technology development, inter-departmental old former college teacher relatively independent information management methods can not meet the modern school demand. Modern school teachers integrated information management requires the ability to perform coordinated centrally. The rise of today’s network technology to solve the bottleneck of school just the parts caused by physical distance, through this technology, adequate exchange of information, to break the bottleneck of college faculty office information management. School teachers information management system through the integration of various departments related to information management school teachers and college teachers to achieve the appropriate information management work flow, information flow, and knowledge flow and information management integration, to achieve automated information management university teachers.This paper describes the design of information management system of teachers, university teachers proposed design principles of information management systems and to analyze user needs college teachers information management system by analyzing teachers’ college information management system to achieve the function, for schools an efficient teacher information management solutions, build a modern university teachers information management platform. And gives teachers the architecture design of information management systems.College Teachers’ Information Management System using B/S architecture developed using Microsoft Visual Studio software development tools and Microsoft SQL Server databases. Target teacher information management system is to achieve automated information management university teachers to improve school information management efficiency, enhance controllability and safety information management university teachers, university teachers use information management system can reduce the cost of teachers in information management to improve school teacher management execution. Teacher Information Management System applies to all departments and universities, its main purpose is to achieve an integrated information management environment for university teachers, so that managers can take advantage of network-related information management system for teachers in collaborative information Management College of teachers. This paper analyzes the current development of domestic and foreign-related research, presented to Microsoft ASP.NET technology-based development programs.This system actually needs teacher information management system as the main line, detailed analysis and presentation of the actual information processing business process information management system of University Teachers, has determined that this system should have research material collected by university teachers, teachers assess research materials, teacher research reported results, teacher research information subtotals and teacher information management and other basic functions. On this basis, the teacher information management system through the Object-oriented analysis and design methods and design methods, and gradually establish a university teacher software requirements analysis model information management system. Teacher Information Management System through the rational design of the information management system is user classes, objects and their relationships between teachers detailed analysis of business process information management system through the establishment of a dynamic model of UML sequence diagrams, collaboration diagrams. Teacher Information Management System uses standard username and password authentication, information management systems provide the user login system login authentication service, and the user name and password for each information management system is unique. College Teachers’ Information Management System can be a good college teachers to complete the assessment related to information management, reliability and efficiency of this system are very high.
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