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Discussed Under The Background Of Media Convergence Jounralism Education Reform In Our Country

Posted on:2016-03-12Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Along with the rapid development of Internet, media fusion has become a new trend inthe field of news media. This new trend has created new news dissemination characteristics,mainly including content, polysemy, should form multidimensional, dissemination wayseamlessly, object relational multiple stratification etc, the emergence of these new features tojournalists put forward higher requirements.In order to meet the requirement of mediamergence era talent for news, news departments in colleges and universities should activelytake measures to the news education reform and optimization, to produce more universaltransmission of new talent.Journalism education in colleges and universities development present situation, you cansee the problems, mainly including teachers structure serious imbalance, the curriculum of thesingle, lack of training target characteristics and distorting, and so on.These problemsseriously hindered our country news education in the rapid development of media mergenceera, need to be addressed.Mountain, can offend jade.The news education between the UnitedStates, Britain, Japan is the world leader, in today’s media convergence, in their educationideas, curriculum setting, teaching way reform has achieved great success. The newsdepartments mainly concentrated in American colleges and universities for talent traininggoal, the education idea, the curriculum system reform;British news institutions of educationreform is in the news for exploring teaching method, make it richer and more distinctive,make its have different ways to perfect the student assessment, improve the structure ofteachers, etc;Japan the news department attaches great importance to the journalisticprofessionalism, increasingly expanded news subject denotation, prompt news educationadapt to the development of media mergence era.These advanced news education reformexperience and reference news departments in colleges and universities should learn.Journalism education in our country in the process of development, should activelyabsorb domestic and foreign advanced experience in education reform.This article through toseveral colleges and universities at home and abroad news departments of research thinking,trying to reform of journalism education in China to choose the right path, including emphasison the cultivation of the students’ consciousness of media convergence, enrich teaching and optimizing students’ evaluation system, adjust the curriculum, to improve the teachers’ team,through a series of reform measures to make our country news education in the new media era,rapid, steady and healthy development.
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