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Content Naming And Routing Mechanism In Content Centric Networks

Posted on:2015-08-23Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:M ZhangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2298330467962284Subject:Communication and Information System
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In recent years, the size and traffic in the Internet has grown rapidly. With the new network applications increasing, the problem of Internet is becoming more and more serious. Internet was initially designed for scientific research, with the development of the Internet, scalability, security, mobility, energy consumption faced a major challenge.In order to solve the problems currently facing the Internet, at home and abroad there are two solutions ideas, divided into "improved", and two "revolutionary." Those who do not change the IP of a dominant position, it belongs to "improved", and to replace IP networks called the Internet "revolution", the contents of the center of the network hopes to redesign the existing network, which belongs to a network of "revolution." Content will no longer use the IP address of the network as a way of addressing, but the contents as a fundamental entity, only concerned with content and data, do not care where the content is addressed by name and location. Exchange with the storage bandwidth and reduce the transmission of redundant data links to reduce bandwidth consumption.This paper studies the future of the network as a starting point, the first elaborate architecture content center network CCN, working mechanisms, design principles and objectives of the CS (Content Store), PIT (Pending Interest Table), FIB (Forward Information Base) and other key concepts explanation is given, introduce its basic store and forward model, a network of centers on the basis of content, more in-depth research center network content naming system in PARC, named for persistence, readability, scalability, flexibility of the entire network of the requirements, so the content network routing driven by content name, by analyzing the characteristics of flat and hash, proposed a similar scheme URI naming system, and analyzed and discussed.When the Interest packet arrives at the router, the name resolution and routing are the core issue of our research. Since the contents of the name and the number of very large variable length, but also increases exponentially features, increase the difficulty of routing and addressing, DNS Based BGP protocol and analytical thinking to solve problems existing network, content network proposed autonomous domain AS concept, introducing autonomous domain content network further proposed "ASNA (Autonomous Systems Network Architecture)" network routing architecture that reduces the complexity of content-addressable and positioning, improve network efficiency. Analyze the structure of the domain routing packets, and design AS Sever, including query and response packets design. In order to optimize the content name lookup and storage efficiency in CS and FIB, this paper presents a content name compression and longest prefix matching algorithm to improve the efficiency of the network.Content Centric Network is based on security and trusted, the characteristics of the contents of this article name, the use of the contents of the name space, the introduction of Sign_id signature mechanism, research-based content provider credible mechanism for identity and signature verification mechanisms. Finally, based on mathematical modeling and analysis of the content centric network architecture, using NS-2and CCNx platform to analyze and verify the result.
Keywords/Search Tags:Content Centric Network, Content Name, Autonomoussystem, ASNA, trusted mechanism, longest prefix name look up
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