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Research On Content-Centric Network Routing And Caching Technology

Posted on:2019-07-31Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:K Y ZhengFull Text:PDF
GTID:2428330566499222Subject:Electronic and communication engineering
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As the explosive growth of Internet traffic and business,the current TCP / IP network can no longer meet the need of users to quickly obtain content.Content-Centric network(CCN)is a content-centric network architecture,to abandon the traditional TCP / IP network architecture.The TCP / IP network architecture focuses on the location of the content store,such as the source host's IP address and the target host's IP address.The CCN is concerned about the content itself,the content which the user request need to be cached in the intermediate router node s,and then develop appropriate routing strategies for each node for forwarding.Therefore,the research on caching and routing strategies has become the focus of the content-centric network.This paper focuses on the caching strategy and routing forwarding strategy of CCN network,in order to achieve fast access to content and avoid excessive pressure load on node routers,so as to obtain better network performance.Aiming at the existing problems existing in the current caching strategy of CCN,such as redundant content,excessive node load and excessive de lay of user access to content,this paper proposes a caching strategy based on content popularity and node importance.This strategy generates a popularity ranking table in a node.When a node is full,the popularity of the newly arrived content is compared with the maximum and minimum content popularity in the table,and the content greater than the maximum popularity placed on the node at the next level(that is,the node closer to the user center)at the level where the node is located,removes content smaller than the minimum popularity level,caches the content between the maximum and minimum popularity levels on the local node,and replaces the minimum popularity of the contents of the cache to the upper nodes.The simulation results show that this strategy not only avoids the redundant transmission of network content resources,but also ensures that the more popular content will not be quickly replaced in a short period of time,and the content cache can be brought closer to the edge node to reduce delay.After setting a reasonable cache placement strategy,designing the corresponding route forwarding mechanism is another important factor for improving the network performance.CCN generally adopts single-path routing and multi-path routing.In this paper,Content Traces based Multi-path Routing(CTMR)is proposed.In a single path based on the reverse path of the interest packet(RTR,Reverse Trace Routing),after a certain cache content of the important node is replaced,when the content requester requests the content again,the interest packet discards the path to the content source server request.Instead,the interest packet is routed to edge node that have a higher likelihood of holding the content of interest packages.Multipath routing,on the other hand,is an intrinsic property of the CCN network,and is also an advantage.The Content Traces based Multi-path Routing(CTMR)policy routes the packet of interest to edge nodes through multiple paths,then obtains a forwarding port through the FIB table to determine an optimal path.The simulation results show that the CTMR strategy can greatly improve the data transmission speed in the network and realize the load balancing among the links.
Keywords/Search Tags:Content-Centric Network, Content Popularity, Node Importance, Single-Path Routing, Multipath Routing
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