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The Research On Metro’s Living Space And Development Strategy Under The Background Of China’s Urbanization

Posted on:2015-12-23Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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In1995, the very first metro newspaper appeared in Sweden and began to spreadaround the world. As a new model of media, metro newspaper emerges and developsin an intensely competitive media market by its unique circulation channels, ways ofsales and content orientation. Since the21st century, due to the rapid development ofmetro system, metro newspaper has gained its popularity in China, which is also anembodiment of its social value. Nevertheless, the pace of reforming prompts metronewspaper to be in line with the development of society, economy, culture,transportation, media and other industries. Therefore, in a macro context ofurbanization in China, how does the living space of Metro Newspaper switch? Andwhat are the strategies should we adopt to respond to the changes? To address all theissues requires a connection with national conditions and development strategies, aswell as a general view from a historic and realistic perspective.Urbanization is an important strategic initiative to accelerate the modernization,also a specific development strategy that combined economic globalization withnational conditions. In the process of urbanization, the rural population turn into urbanpopulation, non-agricultural industries gather in urban areas and rural areas areconverted into urban areas, while urban culture becomes dominate in rural areas. Anincreasing number of towns and urban population is bound to bring a range of issues,one of which is the increasing pressure on urban traffic. Forced by the limitation ofroad space and passenger capacity of public transport, the major cities began tointroduce and construct the metro system, which brought a huge convenience to thelocal residents, and led to the emergence of a new media, metro newspaper.Now, in the media market, traditional newspaper industry has to meet up with anunprecedented challenge by the new media such as e-newspaper. Under suchcircumstances, many scholars perceived the metro newspaper would stir up a“newspapers fever”. But would the “fever” come? What is its form? It is an issue thatworth discussing. Thus, this article will be focusing on the evolvement of metronewspaper, with a perspective from current development of the subway and themetro’s survival analysis to explore the changes in living space of China’s metronewspaper in the context of urbanization, and finally providing the constructive ideason the prospect of the metro newspaper in China.
Keywords/Search Tags:Metro, Urbanization, Living Space, Development Strategy
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