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Mass Media In The Process Of Urbanization

Posted on:2011-06-29Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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Urbanization is the basic process and important symbol and an inevitable stage of modernization. The generation, development and transformation of the newspaper industry are based on the urbanized and modernized China. During the development of paper industry, urbanization is not only a background but exists in every aspect of newspapers. Newspapers are not only an image of urbanization and modernization but gets involved in its process. They implant and actuate each other. The author, through analysis of newspaper industry and urbanization of Foshan, aims to seize the beneficial reactions between the development of society and the media, to grasp the many-layered and complex relations and to reflect its social value from all angles.The mass media has been along with the urbanization and thus has great effects on it since its emergence. Up to now, the development level of mass media has been an important criterion in judging the urbanization level of a state and region, comprehensive economy strength and scientific, technological, cultural and educational level. The urbanization offers a solid good economic, cultural environment and provides wide information and requirements from the mass. The mass media has acquired power to exist and develop in the process of urbanization. Cities, especially metropolis, undertake the function of spreading culture and are hatcheries accelerators of the mass media.The process of urbanization is a process of social transformation, and a process of the transformation of social structure, the renewal of social system, the reorganization of social interests and the evolution of values. In the process of social transformation of such a rapidly changing city, the mass media system have been transformed for the social environment. The mass media transformation is to adapt to the overall result of the interaction and total adaptation of urban society transformation and the media social environmental factors. The contents, forms, function, and roles of newspapers in turn have been transformed into its basic existence state in this rapid change. The newspapers have continuously developed and embodied the tendency of adaptability to the process, which promotes the soft power of the city. The development of urbanization is also a process of social differentiation, which means the alienation and diversification of social structure. The social mobility is increasing and social relationships are combining. In our media, in general, the problem of communication division and communication imbalance have appeared, which has exacerbated social divisions. With the intensification of social differentiation, social integration has become an important trend in social transformation. A new era has demands for the new role and function of newspapers, and the newspaper is to become a tool for expressing their interests, the promotion of social conflict and the way to solve social problems, helping the community to achieve conciliation and cross-class integration tools of communication. The transition of the newspaper will become a strong impetus to social transformation and development.In the urban social transformation, the multiple complex conflicts in the aspect of the cultural and concept, permeate with the challenges and impact of the spirit of the humanities. To build healthy urban culture, which is the style and features of the city, built on the diversity of cultural ecology, good relationships, high ethical level, and social solidarity has become an important guarantee of the smooth progress of economic and social transformation. As an important part of modern urban culture, mass media must be actively involved in the construction of modern urban culture, combine and improve urban culture, constructe multi-level communication system in meeting the needs of cultural diversity.
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