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Design Of Communication Server Based On SAEA For Bank-Securities Data Exchange Platform

Posted on:2019-10-18Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:S H ZhangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2428330596963192Subject:Software engineering
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In order to standardize the China's securities market,the China Securities Regulatory Commission has put forward the relevant provisions of the Customer Transaction Calculation Fund Third Party Depository Management.China Securities Industry Standardization Technology Committee(CSISC in short)has formulated the standard—Structure and design rules of message type in data exchange between bank and securities & future industry.The main purpose is to establish business processing standards between banks and securities,and to unify industry communication protocols.The Bank-Securities Data Exchange Platform(BSDEP in short)is a system for interacting business data between banks and securities.It can be divided into the following parts: communication server,clients,and other services.The communication server of BSDEP will help to promote the standardization of business data exchange between the securities and banks,improve the compatibility of system,enhance the efficiency of data communication interaction between banks and securities,and reduce the risk of market operation and maintenance.The thesis combines the development concept of modern Internet technology to design a communication server of BSDEP.The thesis discusses the technical selection,model design,implementation and testing of the communication server of BSDEP.The thesis introduces the main theories of developing communication server,including network transmission protocol,Socket,asynchronous communication technology,IOCP,multi-threading,thread pool,message queue and other technologies.Through the study of the asynchronous communication model,high-performance asynchronous Socket—SocketAsyncEventArgs is used to encapsulate the communication class of the server,and multi-threading is used to encapsulate the data processing class.The client and server exchange data through asynchronous communication.After the server classified the received message body,it will dispatch the message body to different message queues,and then will call the data processing thread to process the message body in the message queue.Communication server are designed using a number of techniques,such as dynamic objects,thread pools,memory pools and stacks to achieve resource reusability and serialization to increase system efficiency.Technically,the use of efficient asynchronous Socket furtherenhances the concurrent processing capabilities of data,enabling communication server to respond to large-scale clients.Based on the above research,the design of IP datagram refers to the standard—Structure and design rules of message type in data exchange between bank and securities & future industry.The object-oriented method is used to encapsulate the module,and Microsoft Visual Studio 2012 is used as the development platform to complete the BSDEP communication server.This thesis has designed a communication server of BSDEP which solved the problem of low data exchange efficiency and high resource consumption in existing communication servers.
Keywords/Search Tags:SocketAsyncEventArgs Class, Thread Pool, TCP/IP, Network Communication
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