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Design And Implementation Of Securities Trading Application Server

Posted on:2011-01-21Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:E Y ZangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2198330335459965Subject:Software engineering
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Along with the development of domestic securities companies to large-scale and intensive operation mode, and securities business and computer systems are maturing, and in the fierce market competition environment, securities companies urgently try to reduce business risks and transaction costs, speed up the securities business, product development and launch service speed, improve the core competitiveness. But traditional distributed trading platform can not meet the development requirements of securities companies. Therefore, the growing demand of core transaction platform of headquarters or regional centers is more and more. Securities transaction platform mainly consists of three major components, namely:client interface program of human-computer interaction, securities trading application servers as a business logic processing center, and external systems such as exchange connection interface system; which securities trading application servers is researching object of this paper.The application server is an application for the securities industry software systems, which can support multiple business service for different securities companies. The application server is a collection applications of communications, business processing, data storage, business liquidation, and can support multiple-market including Shanghai A-share, Shanghai B-share, Shenzhen A-share, Shenzhen B-share, and also can support multiple-currency such as RMB, USD, HKD. The application servers also have the following futures:supports large-capacity concurrent processing, fast response speed of the server, independent of the request and response queues buffer mechanism, real-time logs of customer's transactions and server-side's operating.This paper takes the application server as researching object, and analyzes the securities trading application server's functional requirements and non-functional requirements. During system architecture design, this paper uses an self-designed solutions wiht N-tiers system architecture,and gives out an solution with dividing the application server into four layers, such as:network communications layer, the core control layer, the logical implementation layer, data access layer, and gives out the implementation solution. In this architecture design, fully embodies a lot of structural design characteristics, for examples:flexibility, scalability, openness and so on.This paper also studies some key technologies of the securities trading applications server, such as:concurrent network communication server, multithread scheduling and control, queue cache mechanism, database connection pool and so on. Through the research of the principle and implementation solution of these key technologies, gives out the design and implementation solutions of each key technologies, including:1) Custom network communication protocols and concurrent network communication server design and implementation, which can support more clients receiving concurrent request data, send data over the client's response; 2) independent queue design and implementation solution of request and response queue, which ensures high-capacity concurrent peak time of the incident, to maintain system stability, improve system performance; 3) thread pool and multi-thread scheduling mechanism design and implementation solution, thereby ensuring the Securities and the application server can handle concurrent operations from multiple clients request, effectively reducing each client request response time; 4) The database connection pool design and implementation solution, through the database connection pool technology to reduce the frequency of creating or releasing the database connection, so as to enhance the performance of the application servers.Finally, this paper gives out several key functional tests, which can demonstrate the application server's correctness and availability; and through a typical development case to illustrate how to use the application server to simplify application development workload.
Keywords/Search Tags:Application server, Connection Pool, Thread Pool, Data Access Object
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