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Research On Social Control System Of Fishing Villages

Posted on:2015-12-22Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Every social order which runs well needs a perfect social order system. The villagecalled West Yangjiawa lies in Langyatai town Huangdao district at the south edge ofQingdao city in Shandong province. Within such a typical village, social relationshipsare relatively simple; the social construction is dominated by villagers’ consanguinityand is supplemented by the employment relationship of migrants workers. Based onfield investigation which has been carried out several times, abundant first-hand datahave been collected and this thesis gives a summary of these data. Participants to beinterviewed in the semi-structured interview are decided after a rough understandingin a pre-survey. To a large extent, these participants come from almost all kinds ofcareers which fishermen commonly might occupy, such as owners of largehorsepower ships, crew of vessels fishing in all positions, retired old fishermen,young fishermen, harbor wharf owners, administrators in the village committee,officials dispatched by fisheries bureau.Based on the perspective of Social Order Theory, this thesis makes full use of datafrom the interview to mainly give explanations and analyses of the social controlresults which mainly come from the current social order in West Yangjiawa. Throughrelated analyses, a conclusion can be drawn that the formation of the social order inWest Yangjiawa is a result of a combination of a legal control system and a etiquettecontrol system. The legal system is based on national administration, laws andpolicies; the latter one is based on conventions, spontaneous market order and thecaptain’s social control. Fishermen choose their careers in accordance with their owncapital as well as productive conditions when faced with relatively open fishingresources. After continuous development, two control units have been formed withinsuch a fishing village, namely the production control unit with captains as the core and the market control unit with wharf owners as the core. Such two control unitsconstruct the basic economic model in the fishing village, namely production,exchange, consumption and distribution. On the one hand, as the core of theproduction control unit, captains, with the ownership of productive assets, earn profitsof fishery harvesting by means of the cooperation with employed boatmen; on theother hand, as the core of the market control unit, wharf owners earn profits of serviceby means of exercising the management right and participating directly in the fisherymarket. This kind of service is an important interaction of economic activity andsocial activity. Dock owners are the important mediator of market operations byconnecting the buyers and suppliers using their social resources. Two control units allfollow the corn value of trust both in internal and external control and take oralcontract as the informal control method. This simple and primitive oral contracts havebinding force because they are established on trust and have experienced long-termrun-in in the fishing village, which on the other hand indicates the absence of formalcontrol methods. Particularly in the core of the captain and dock owners, it is difficultto achieve fairness and justice at the expense of interests and using risk methods, suchas wage arrears and captain’s misbehaviors in the internal control group. However, asthe form control system, the country focuses on guiding the fishing villages’development pattern, production mode and the infrastructure at the macro-level. Atthe same time, the country plays the role of the provider of public service and thevindicator of public order in the view of microscopic. Therefore, the country enhancesthe life of fishermen from the macroscopic and microscopic aspects. Based on theVillage of West Yangjiawa, we can see under normal market economy society,multi-agent social control system has the ability of self-adjustment and self-restriction,which can not undermine the country control. Diverse social control system isconducive not only to the dynamic and sound public order, but also to balance thecontrol between national and local bodies and create a win-win situation.
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