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PCI Multi-channel Acquisition And Digital Conversion Module Design

Posted on:2014-02-21Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Z L ChenFull Text:PDF
GTID:2268330401467189Subject:Instrumentation engineering
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The data cquisition and processing system based on the design method ofSoftware radio, digitizes the input signal directly from signal channel, and thencompletes digital signal procession in the digital domain to meet the designrequirements. It can avoid the shortcoming effectively the analog device is susceptibleto environmental interference, and will have a bright future.This dissertation introduced the circuit design of PCI multi-channel acquisitionand digital down conversion module. Its main feature is that: paralle multi-channelarchitecture, the capability of parallel high-speed digital processing, support theexpansion of renewable and reconfigurable, support high-speed transmission and cachethe continuoues process data. The dissertation base on the PCI multi-channelacquisition and digital down conversion module hardware circuit design, introducedthe the sub-moudle circuit and the control logic design in FPGA detailed. The modulesamples the anolog signal from three channels parallel, the maximum sampling ratereach to160MSPS, the sampling accuracy is16bits. The digital dowm conversion ofthe module is completed by dedicated digital down-conversion chip GC4016.Computer read the data from FIFO through66MHz/66bits PCI bus.At the survey of the dissertation, it introduced the background and thedevelopment of the digital acquisition and digital down conversion, descript thespecific index and overall structure of the module. Divide the module to the functionand detailed description of hardware design for each sub-module, give a detaileddescription for the logic in the FPGA. Finally test the index of the board,include thesampling clock of LTC2209,the SNR and SFDR of the sampling data,the effectivenumber of bits(ENOB),the decimation rate of the channel, and make a analysis of thetest result. The test result indicated that the PCI multi-channel acquisition and digitaldown conversion module works well, meet the index demand of the board.
Keywords/Search Tags:multi-channel, high speed and high precision, DDC, PCI bus
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