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The Research And Application On Fiber-optic Surface Plasmon Resonance Of End Reflection Structure

Posted on:2013-03-04Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:R ZhuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2268330392469984Subject:Measuring and Testing Technology and Instruments
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Due to the widespread applications of Surface Plasmon Resonance measurementtechnique, it has high research value and broad market prospects. The traditionalprism type SPR sensor is so bulky that cannot be miniaturized, while the fiber-opticSPR sensor has the unique advantages. It is small that could be integrated in theinstruments, such as microfluidic chip to realize the measurement; because of thecharacter of anti-electromagnetic interference and anti-corrosion, it can be applied tothe special environment; it responses fast and can realize online real-time continuousdetection. This paper aims to study the fiber-optic SPR sensor of end reflection.This paper mainly analyses the model and structure of the fiber-optic SPR sensorof end reflection, carries out the experiments of glucose concentration measurementand petrol identification, at last conducts a preliminary study on the SPR signalenhancement method. The main works include:1. A model of fiber-optic sensor of end reflection was established based on SPRprinciple and fiber-optic guide light theory, and the simulation and calculation ofthe structural parameters of fiber-optic sensor were finished, obtaining the optimalvalue: the diameter of fiber-optic core600μm, the length of sensing area15mm, thethickness of Cr5nm, the thickness of Au50nm.2. Based on the results of the simulation analysis, the fiber-optic sensor of endreflection was manufactured through vacuum evaporation. A set of clampingmechanism for fiber circumferential surface and the end surface coating was designedto make sure that the coating was uniform. A circumference film thickness controlmethod was proposed, and characterized through the SEM.3. A measurement system based on the fiber-optic SPR sensor of end reflectionwas built. The experiments of glucose concentration measurement and petrolidentification were carried out. The results showed that there was a quadraticrelationship between SPR resonance wavelength and glucose concentration at humanblood glucose detection range0~200mg/dL, the resonance wavelength had a goodstability for the maximum error was1.1nm, min error was0.2nm. In the petrolidentification, the resonance wavelength distinguished each type of petrol well, onlythat a certain degree of error was caused due to the factors such as oil volatilizing. 4. A preliminary study on the SPR signal enhancement method was conducted,two LSPR enhancement structure was analyzed and simulated to obtain the optimalparameters, which was used in the manufacturing. Fiber-optic nanoparticles sensorwas manufactured with the method of chemical solution, and characterized by SEMincluding the diameter and density of nanoparticles.
Keywords/Search Tags:End Reflection, fiber-optic, Surface Plasmon Resonance, Localized Surface Plasmon Resonance, glucose measurement, Petrolidentification
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