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1. A Study On Fiber Optic Sensor Employing Time Delay Estimation For Disturbance Detection And Location
2. The Research On Ultra-large Capacity Fiber-optic Transmission Experiments And Key Technologies For OFDM
3. Research On The Microstructured Optical Fibre-based Gas And Surface Plasmon Resonance Sensors
4. Research On Key Technologies Of Dual Mach-Zehnder Distributed Vibration Sensing System
5. Polarization Errors In Resonator Fiber Optic Gyroscopes
6. Super-wide Angle High-resolution Panoramic Annular Lens Design
7. Research On The Application Of Optical Fiber Vibration Sensing Technology In Perimeter Security
8. Research On The Mathematical Model And Key Technologies Of The Reflective Intensity Modulated Fiber-Optic Sensor
9. Theories And Applications Of Novel Fiber-Optic Chemo- And Bio- Sensing Based On Multichannel Model-Filtered Light Detection
10. Development Of The Fully Distributed Fiber Optic Sensor System
11. Fiber-optic Grating Sensing Technology And Its Application On The Measurement Of Oil/gas Down-hole
12. Study On Biological Surface Using The Reflected Spectrum And Neural Network Technology
13. Research On Sagnac Interometer Based Fiber Optic Current Sensor
14. Research On Some Key Techniques Of Fiber Optic Ring Interferometric Sensor
15. Research On The Key Technology Of Fiber Optic Accelerometers
16. Research On System Theories And Key Techniques Of Optically Controlled Phased Array Radar
17. Study On Gas Sensor With Optical Fiber In Atmospheric Monitor
18. The Theoretical And Experimental Research On Fiber-Optic Microphone
19. Research On Fiber Optic Sensors Based On Multi-core Structured Fiber
20. Study On The Methods And Techniques Of FBG In The Harsh Aviation Environment
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