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Optimum Design Of The Optical Fiber Surface Plasmon Resonance Sensor

Posted on:2019-10-10Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:M XueFull Text:PDF
GTID:2428330593951508Subject:Optical Engineering
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Optical fiber sensor has the advantages of small size,simple structure and strong resistance to electromagnetic interference.Meanwhile,the surface plasmon resonance(SPR)detection technology has the characteristics of real-time detection,fast response,high sensitivity,low requirement for the amount of samples and label free.The combination of two technologies has a powerful advantage in the biochemical sensing.Therefore,the optical fiber SPR sensor has received the widespread attention from domestic and international scholars.All kinds of novel optical fiber SPR sensor structures have been constantly reported.In this paper,the current types and research status of optical fiber SPR sensors are introduced,and the excitation principle of SPR is analyzed.On this basis,in order to further improve the sensing performance of optical fiber SPR sensor,we use the multilayer transfer matrix method and the finite element method to optimize the design of SPR optical fiber sensor,respectively.The main research work is as follows:1.We studied the effect of metal layer's material and thickness on the performance of multimode fiber SPR sensor by MATLAB software.The CPWR,LRSPR and WCSPR sensors based on multimode fiber have been designed by using the different combination patterns of dielectric layer and metal layer,and their refractive index sensing characteristics have also been analyzed.2.We designed the U-shaped and D-shaped single mode optical fiber SPR sensor using the COMSOL Multiphysics software,and studied the effect of coating the dielectric modulation layer on the surface of the metal layer to sensor's loss spectral features.Finally,we analyzed the relationship of the modulation layer's thickness and the refractive index sensitivity.3.We designed the three different structures of the dual-parameter sensors of glycerol concentration and temperature.The resonant peaks of the sensors have different spectral responses to the changes of concentration and temperature.Through the analysis of the resonant wavelength shifts,we achieved the dual parameter sensing and demodulation at the same time.4.Experimentally,we prepared the plastic clad silica fiber SPR sensor by magnetron sputtering and packaged the sensor.We set up the optical fiber SPR sensing system,and measured the temperature and refractive index.The highest sensitivity we got can reach-0.24 nm/? and 4959.66nm/RIU,respectively.
Keywords/Search Tags:Fiber optic sensors, Surface plasmon resonance, Finite element method, Multilayer films, Dual-parameter sensing
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