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Design Of LXI Multi-functional Test Module

Posted on:2013-11-05Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y ZhangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2268330392467904Subject:Instrument Science and Technology
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In modern warfare, with the development of the reconnaissance technologyand the improvement of precision strike ability, the viability of missile has metwith a big challenge. In order to improve the viability of missile weapon system,the motorized quick launch has become an important development direction,which brought about another problem is that it is difficult to development anancillary test equipment. The test equipment not only should be higher reliability,smaller size, higher integration, but also strong expandability, long lifecycle andsingle power supply. The multi-functional test moduled was based on the newinterface and in order to separate the interface functions and test functions, thekernel board and function board was designed independently, the functionalboard uses standard M-modules, which will help us to maintain and upgrade theequipments easily later.After the functional requirements are analysed, we proposed a hardware andsoftware design of multi-function module.The kernel board is improved on thebasis of the LXI carrier board developed by ourselves, witch main function is tomonitor the SCPI codes from network by LAN interface, and then translate thecode to concrete operation. The functional board including multi-channelscanning A/D module, high-precision constant current source module, waveformgenerator and frequency characteristic tester module,the kernel board andfunction board is connected by standard M interface. This thesis intruduced themulti-functional test module from mechanical structure, hardware, firmware,drivers and test verification. This tractate proposes a multi-channel、wide inputrange analog channel design,we developmented a16channels scanning A/Dmodule on the small M-module by means of the analog channel.The constantcurrent source module based on the principle of a voltage-controlled constantcurrent source,the V-I circuit design ideas and how to chose a right Circuitparameters were emphatically introduced,and we finally achieve the goal ofhigh-precision, wide range of constant current output.The thesis of Waveformgenerator and requency characteristic tester part focused on the principle oftesting frequency characteristics by cross-correlation function and how to design an excellent performance low-pass filter,and the output of the sine wave、squarewave etc are realized.Actual tests show that this multi-functional test module has reasonablestructure, works stably and reliably and satisfies the test mission requirements,meets the design requirements。...
Keywords/Search Tags:LXI, M-Module, multi-channel scanning A/D module, high-precision constant current source, waveform generator, frequency characteristic tester
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