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Research On The Design And Realization Of College Admission Information Management System

Posted on:2013-11-12Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Z X XuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2248330377951997Subject:Computer technology
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Since2001, the Ministry of Education introduced in the national universityentrance examination online enrollment, all colleges and universities of the countryinland areas to carry out remote online enrollment work in the areas except Hong Kong,Macao and Guangdong province relying on the national college entrance system writtenby Qinghua University. The software which is powerful is mainly used for onlineenrollment in colleges and universities, it can automatically delivery and read the fileand determine admission professional which can be able to complete college admissionand take into account the common needs of the college admission. The software doesnot apply to all colleges and universities of enrollment because each university hasdifferent characteristics and the school of institutional settings. In particular, thesoftware is lack of data processing, analysis, and statistical of candidates data, can notshare the data and links with universities. It can not meet demand for the announcementof the online enrollment information and the print admission notice.In recent years, online enrollment has been improved which enrollment data isincreasing and the process is more clearly. In order to achieve the Enrollment informationconstruction, promote the development of enrollment, according to the actual situation of theschool and admissions requirement, this paper takes Zibo Teachers College as the researchobject, in-depth study the college admission information management systems designand implementation.Firstly, according to the workflow of the College Entrance Examination Admissionand data constitute, analysis the general needs of the college entrance informationmanagement system, overall build the system on this basis. Studies have shown thatthis system should have the six modules of the enrollment management plan,enrollment management, enrollment management, new students management system,rights management and data analysis statistics.Secondly, this paper further analysis the key technologies used to design and implement the system including database technology, the C/S and B/S architecture,Delphi technology so to provide technical support to the design and implementation ofthe system.Finally, research the ordinary admissions information management the realizationbased on asp, Delphi and the use of SQL Server in structural design, code design, the C/S structure data handle client design, B/S structure WEB application design, networksecurity implementation to further enhance the feasibility and practicality of the designsystem.The designed ordinary college entrance admission information managementsystem is powerful, not only can achieve the automatic delivery of files, reading filesand determine the admission of professional, but also can further process the candidatesdata after the end of admission, and share data with university teaching and officesystems. Therefore, this study is not only able to provide necessary technologicalsupport for the enrollment of Zibo Normal College, but also to provide theoretical anddata basis for the work of our college.
Keywords/Search Tags:Information Management System, Database Technology, DelphiTechnique, B/S Structure, C/S Structure
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