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Online Hostel Management System Design And Realization

Posted on:2009-03-03Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:X Q YeFull Text:PDF
GTID:2208360275484066Subject:Software engineering
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With the popularization and wide use of computers, the management has been improved greatly, and step by step we realized the goal of the papers office system. That is to say, we have changed the previous manual record management mode into a computer integrated one. It is as important as to the university research and the student's hostel management. It can save manpower and material resources and raise efficiency. For this reason, we developed this online hostel management system. The system integrating the Internet technology and database technology makes full use of the campus network to realize the hostel management online, which reflects the network's important application in the education field in the computer network times.Firstly, the paper on the operation of the database system structure introduces the features and the working styles of the B/S model, and compares their respective advantages and disadvantages among the host/terminal, C/S and B/S models. The result shows that B/S model not only can inherit the C/S model's advantages, but also can overcome its disadvantages. In addition, it is not restricted by the operation system or hardware. It can prevent the fat client phenomenon occurring. It is easier to link different networks. B/S model is the main structure which is widely used now. Therefore, we use the B/S model to develop the hostel management system online.Secondly, I discuss the way to achieve web database in the paper. I also discuss the users'authertication information, the addition, deletion and modification of the administrators'information, and the large recorded data of daily inspection of the students'hostel are dealt with by the system. The system uses a database server provided by Microsoft Access 2007 as a background database, connected with the advanced JDBC technology. With the SQL classifying, adding, deleting and modifying, the web and database link closely.Lastly, the whole system makes use of the feature of JSP to control the users'interface as the front stage, uses the JavaBean specific packages complex logic business operation as the middle layer, and then, the database as the data storage layer. The form of Browser/Web/Database—three-layer structure ( That is, the interface layer, Business process layer and data storage layer) greatly improved the safety and clarity of the system. I mainly discuss the three-layer structure in my whole thesis.
Keywords/Search Tags:B/S structure, C/S structure, Web Database, JavaBean, three-layer structure
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