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Based On The The School Assets Management System Design And Development Of The C / S Structure,

Posted on:2012-05-30Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2218330368998247Subject:Software engineering
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Strengthening fixed assets management for keeping and increasing values of fixed assets and stopping assets loss has always been objectives that every school explores and achieves actively . How to use informationization and advanced network environment to further accomplish"standardization,seientification and information"of school fixed assets management and monitor school fixed assets overall is a major issue ahead of us.So are to better to pursue education, teaching,and scientific research .Along With the rapid development of our college, the possession of fixed assets increases quickly and assets management is continuously improving.Former artificial ,single and closed management method can not catch up with the rapid growth of school fixed assets.This system adopts C/S management model to establish new fixed assets management system and operation mechanism in vocational schools.This passage introduces research backgroud of the topic,illustrates the significance of system development first.Second,it establishes the system objectives , development tools , logic model of the system through systematic survey , conductes a comprehensive analysis and implementation on the system through demand analysis,and proposes using Client/Server architecture to develop the system.This system develops based on widely researching in fixed assets management system of vocational schools and stresses on practical application effect.The system adopts Windows 2003 server(Chinese version)as its working conditions and Visual Foxpro8.0 as its developing software . Background database adopts SQL Server database as developing platform.The research based on network fixed assets management system not only achieves information sharing of fixed assets ,increases the communication between users and administrators, but also according to it,relevant departments of the school can allocate school fixed assets more rationally,control the assets scale,and fully use school resources.What'more , it promotes working efficiency of school fixed assets and device management department, improves the management level and makes fixed assets management to become standardized. One year of actual operation on the system in Linbaixin Science Vocational School show that the system has completely changed the former single and closed management model.The system is applied to the Campus Network completely. The system can be easier and more convenient to be operated. It makes the fixed assets management perfect and the school business management level and management quality to step on to a new stage.
Keywords/Search Tags:MIS(Management Information System), C/S structure, database, fixed asset
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