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Based On B/s Structure Of The Graduate Student Degree Management Information System Design And Implementation

Posted on:2013-10-26Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2248330374986235Subject:Software engineering
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Along with the development of the education, rapid expansion of the number of graduate students and gradually increasing difficulty of management, the costumer source of hotel is becoming various and the market is becoming wide. It is necessary to create an advanced graduate management information system. To improve the management of post-graduate degree, this article developed an academic degree management information system for graduate students based on B/S structure in accordance with the post-graduate degree management processes. Due to the university provides many kinds of service, so the information requirement is very huge, in order to improve the profile rate and provide more quality service to students and teachers, computer based information system is a good assistant.This thesis states the process of requirement of academic degrees management and introduces about the different functional requirements of assistants, post-graduates, teachers and post-graduate officers. The system has following functional modules: Login module, students’basic information management module, students’ achievement management module, curriculum information management module, teachers’ basic information management module, students’ Publication module, thesis proposal information management module, thesis oral defense information module, passwords management module etc, including database design. The system completed the management task of post-graduate degree information.The client system is programmed by ASP.NET2.0, the server database is base on Access2003, and the operation system of the host is Windows XP. The system uses ASP to build a multi-platform, with dynamic web features, which greatly improved the efficiency of the management of degree information. It has the deep practicality.
Keywords/Search Tags:B/S structure, MIS, cross-platform, web database, academic degreesmanagement
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