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Analysis And Design Of Student Management Information System Based On B/S Structure

Posted on:2008-05-13Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:B YangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2178360278955888Subject:Computer application technology
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Nowadays, multilayer structure Web application based on component technology has become a mainstream in the development of Databases Management System (DBMS). Some domestic universities have adopted advanced information technology to assist the student the supervisory work, and unified the campus network which popularized day by day to implement gradually from the traditional C/S structure management information system to B/S structure network application reforming.This system was developed for the students' management of Chang'an University. The purpose is to obtain a full university student information management system based on B/S structure to meet the needs of the university student management under the new situation, simplify original student management system in the client, reduce the system maintenance and the promotion cost and the work load, and realize the networks of student management.The system was based on the Windows platform, adopted the Sybase Communications e-Business Solution and used PowerBuilder as the front development tools, through which many designs of the original system were transformed smoothly to the B/S structure application. In this paper, we analyzed the characteristics of the C/S and B/S management information system development model, confirmed the multilayer B/S structure development pattern according to the need of system development and introduced the selection of the system developing platform. We also made a concrete analysis of the design of the system overall structure function, and further elaborated the design and concrete function of the system module. In addition, we introduced the key technologies used in the development of the system, which included Jaguar CTS module technology, the Web database technology and the Web Datawindow technology. In the aspect of the system security, we mainly introduced the application of the RBAC technology in the system and the design and realization of other security measures.
Keywords/Search Tags:B/S structure, Management Information System, EAServer, Web database technology
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