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Based On Cloud Computing Platform Design And Implementation Of Business Process Management System

Posted on:2013-05-25Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2248330374472077Subject:Computer application technology
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Business process management system (BPMS) is a fusion of traditional workflow technology and enterprise management. It implements message transmission, data synchronization, business monitoring and business process optimization by the internet. At present, most of the BPMS use a centralized structure, which means all of the functional modules are centralized deployed on a single server. So the server hardware must be of high performance. At the same time, the stability and scalability of the system is still poor. As a business computing mode, cloud computing set the task on a large number of resource pools, which are consist of computers. Then according to users’demand, they can get the computing power, storage space and information services. The service pattern of cloud computing can provide a powerful hardware support for BPM, improve the computing power and extend flexibly depending on the load. So it has the important practical significance.On the basis of cloud computing business process engine, cloud computing file system and cloud computing database, this thesis proposes an architecture for business process management system based on cloud computing. Through this structure, the distributed nature of cloud computing can be used in business process management system. Therefore, BPMS achieve the scalable computing power and reliable storage services. In order to ensure the correctness of business process modeling, a novel verification method is proposed in this paper, which is based on linear temporal logic. To find the potential errors in the design, model checking technique is used to verify the property of business process models in the method. Then the implementation of business process engine based on Jini, the application of HDFS and Hbase in BPMS are explained in detail.Under the theoretical guidance, a business process management system based on cloud computing has been designed and accomplished. By an instance, the application of the system prototype is introduced. The manner discussed in this article to make cloud computing combine with BPM. Thus BPMS could have a stable performance, high reliability, scalability and a good interface.
Keywords/Search Tags:Cloud computing, Business process management, Hadoop, Linear temproal logic, Business process verification
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