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Study On The Building Of Anti-Competitive Intelligence System For ZS Company

Posted on:2012-09-28Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:X P LiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2219330338469324Subject:Business Administration
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As market competition is becoming more and more intense, Competitive intelligence is playing an important role in the Competition between enterprises. Now, many competitive intelligence organizations are established in domestic and foreign enterprises, in order to get the critical information from competitors, and many countries or companies suffered heavy losses. Therefore, the Anti-Competitive intelligence, an activity to protect critical information is concerned widely.Based on the analysis of background of the Anti-Competitive intelligence, The paper expounded the meaning, properties and tasks of Anti-competitive intelligence. Selected a typical knowledge-based enterprises in a survey, Analysis of the situation and problems in the field of anti-competitive Intelligence of ZS company.Summarized the early stage of research, referenced to the field of information security standard BS7799-1, this paper constructed an anti-competitive intelligence system model for ZS company. The system contains 10 Level indicators and 26: Secondary indicators.For the company, proposed an implementation, management and maintenance methods of the anti-competitive intelligence system based on PDCA cycle.This paper argues that anti-competitive intelligence means not only a technical or policy group, but a systematic project. The elements of the system are not independent, but integrated. We should not only to prevent the competitors or protect ourselves, but to focus on the crisis control and the core business protection (BCM) after the information leak crisis. This model is not static, but dynamic and continuous-improvement. It can be continuously optimize through the establishment of internal audit system.
Keywords/Search Tags:competitive intelligence, anti-competitive intelligence, intelligent security, business continuously management, BS7799-1
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