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Research Of Content Manage Platform Based SaaS

Posted on:2012-08-30Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:J C ZhengFull Text:PDF
GTID:2218330338962903Subject:Computer software and theory
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With the rapid development of internet technology and information service in government, companies and education areas, the quantity of the business or non-business information data has been increasing sharply, including electronic text, multi-media data, page data, database data, business document and scanned files. Therefore, it becomes a critical issue how to manage and to make use of this content, which is urgently solved by companies and organizations.Although the technology, kinds of modes and systems based on content management have spring up in companies and organizations, they can not satisfy the users'requirements, there are three main reasons. Firstly, the companies and organizations can not maintain and update the software because of lacking of technology information; secondly, the companies and organizations not only want to manage their application, but also want to cover their subordinate department in order to unify the application and execution; finally, due to encountering lots of problems, including discrete resource, isomeric system, single application, sharing-hard and different manage level, the companies and organizations need to establish a flexible, configurable and extensible content manage mode in order to integrate and share those discontinuous resource. Based the above discussion, we adopt a new technology—SaaS. And, the Multi-Tenant content manage system based on SaaS can solve the above problems better.In this paper, we analysis the existing problem of the Multi-Tenant application software based on SaaS, coupled with presenting the solution corresponding to the problem, establish the framework of Multi-Tenant system based on SaaS which is set in the requirement and application of the Shandong University, and implement the content manage platform of Multi-Tenant system. According to the existing problem, we give a mapping-extension method based characteristic to build the database model, adopt VM and MDA to solve the configurable problem and use the unified identification service and the extended RBAC method to assure the security. In addition, we implement configurable auto-generator for the content management by adopting metadata-modeling method and XSD technology to model the presentation model, storage model and display model of this content and researching the scheme on configurability. Using the auto-generator, we just need to configure the website one time, and then the transferring between the main page and second level pages can be produced one time. As well as, we use the Google Gears technology to off-line release engine, which can solve the puzzle cased by off-line state so that the users can normally use the system in off-line condition.The Multi-Tenant system based SaaS provides single instance-multi tenant model so that users can use the platform according to their need. As for those companies lacking of technology information, they also need not to care the maintenance and updating of their software. Once they encounter some problem when using the software, they just need to conduct the developers rather than to employ the experts to maintain the software. In conclusion, the Multi-tenant content manage system based SaaS definitely implements the function that every part from the whole company to all subordinations can use their system at the form of a standalone tenant and establishes a sharing,coupled with only having, content platform which make easy to integrate, share and unified manage the discontinuous resource.
Keywords/Search Tags:Content Management, Software as a Service, Multi-Tenant, content configurable auto-generator, offline releasing engine
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