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Research And Implementation Of Personnel Sharing Service Center System Based On Multi Tenant Technology

Posted on:2019-08-13Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:X W DengFull Text:PDF
GTID:2428330548480198Subject:Software engineering
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In recent years,with the continuous development and integration of information technology and cloud computing technology,SaaS(Software-as-a-Service)model as a new business mode arises at the historic moment.At the same time,human resources informatization construction is an important part in the development of enterprise management,in order to reduce operating costs,improve operational efficiency,the establishment of integrated management service platform,more and more enterprises began to establish the personnel information platform.The traditional information software development model has many disadvantages,such as long development cycle,high development cost,maintenance cost,and the user can not modify after the process definition is completed.And SaaS operating mode with its low cost of development,less maintenance costs and ease of use and other advantages into all walks of life.Along with the continuous development of SaaS mode,it also exposes the problems of data security,data expansion and multi tenant configuration,which need to be solved urgently.To solve the above problems,this paper designs and implements an application system which supports multi tenant access,service customization and tenant data isolation through the research of cloud computing virtualization technology,Multi Tenant technology and Redis technology.This paper introduces the framework and function modules of the system.The system is divided into three parts:SaaS basic application layer,function control layer and server infrastructure layer.At the same time,it is based on configurable problem in SaaS mode.Process configuration engine,message set engine,module configuration engine function can be configured program,the program design is mainly for platform functions,process definition and user personalization and other aspects of configurable services,the configuration allows the tenants can be simple,Fast on-demand service platform,tenants use the process set the engine can easily complete the definition and modification of the process,greatly improving the efficiency.Secondly,the multi-tenant model is designed in detail under SaaS mode,and a new multi-tenant architecture model is designed,which is designed from the aspects of data storage,data sharing,tenant access,dynamic selection of data source and so on.To ensure the sharing and isolation of tenant data.Finally,from the system authority,data security and log monitoring and other aspects of the system security to make a detailed design,mainly to ensure the stability and reliability of the system operation.In this paper,based on the sufficient research on multi-tenant technology,the development of a number of tenants to share a set of software systems,maintenance of software and hardware are unified management,which greatly reduces the cost of software maintenance,to avoid the various agencies own system Development and maintenance costs required.The SaaS model workflow platform designed in this paper has the characteristics of multi-tenant and configurable features,which can realize the service function of multi-tenant on demand.It can realize the effect of fast,convenient and inexpensive construction of information platform.It is suitable for different enterprises SaaS application,to a certain extent,has a relative application value.
Keywords/Search Tags:Multi-tenant, data isolation, configurable, application customization
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