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Study Of CDN Technology And It's Application On Broadband

Posted on:2006-02-09Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:M XiongFull Text:PDF
GTID:2178360182476553Subject:Computer applications
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The English name of CDN is Content Delivery Network, namely Internet'scontent distribution network. It is a fictitious network set up and covers on Internet,and made up of nodal server group distributed in different areas. By utilizing webcaching, duplicating, load balancing and user request redirecting technology, CDNcan lead the users to the nearest, more effective nodes judged by the users' locationand the traffic situations of the networks.In this dissertation, we first introduce the composition and basic workingprinciples of CDN platform, design principles and comparisons of the content routingmechanism, and the nodal content engine is compared. Then by analyzing theconstruction demands and targets on CDN of the Telecommunication Company, wepresent two solutions: based on software CDN and based on the hardware CDN. Thesolution based on the software CDN mainly adopts hiberarchy and distributionalservice pattern to construct the Core/Assignments structure of networks. In the corelevel we build the unified broadband content service portal website to provideservices such as unified portal inlet, content-distributing management. And in theMAN (Metropoliatan Area Network) we build some distributing-level nodes toprovide the greatly concurrent ability. The solution based on the hardware CDN is thecontent distribution network realized through the combinations of the L4 intelligenceswitch and the content cache. The L4 switch mainly ensures the load balance globallyand locally, and provides the quality of service guarantee and system safe guarantee.And the content cache equipment implements edge buffering of media contents,content distribution, service recording and so on. At last we compare and analyze theadvantage and disadvantage of the two kinds of integrated solutions, then put forwardsome proposals.We hope that it can provide some technical reference for the development ofbroadband networks.
Keywords/Search Tags:CDN network, Content Routing, Content Engine, Software CDN, Hardware CDN
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