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Based On The Liquid Crystal Light Valve Color Night Vision Technology

Posted on:2011-11-18Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:M LuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2208360302498225Subject:Optical Engineering
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This project aims to achieve the single-channel multispectral color night vision technology by employing the liquid crystal light valve, through which the image registration of double-channel system can be avoided before fusion. The advantages of such a technology include lower cost, better real-time property and abundance of spectral information.Based on the past fifteen years'researches of dual-channel color night vision of dual-band low level light, low level light and infrared light, low light level and ultraviolet and single channel color night vision based on raster filter, this paper focused on the research of multispectral color night vision technology by using liquid crystal light valve. According to electro-optical effect and frequency driving feature of liquid crystal, such a device was employed in the image-forming system of single-channel and used to modulate the spectrum. This paper also proved that the application of liquid crystal light valve could add the spectral information efficiently via the analysis of spectral features and gray level distribution of R, G and B image bands. At last, by considering the detailed information of full-color image and the spectral information of multispectral image, multispectral fusion methodology which based on the HSI color space and wavelet transform is employed in the simulation experiment. And by adjusting the hue, the quality of the color is improved. In this experiment, the combination of traditional histogram match method and edge detection fusion method made a better effect, and through the wavelet we got a natural colorful and vivid detailed color night vision image. This study indicated that using liquid crystal light valve the single channel and multispectral fusion method could efficiently add the spectral information of images and enhance the discrimination rate, and obtain a naturally colorful and vivid detailed color night vision image.
Keywords/Search Tags:color night vision, liquid crystal light valve, multispectral image fusion, color space, wavelet transform
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