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Research On Financial Shared Services Pattern Of China's Communications Enterprises

Posted on:2011-10-18Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:K LuoFull Text:PDF
GTID:2189360305460234Subject:Management Science
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Since the 90s of the 20th century, as economic globalization and information technology continue to develop, the continuous expansion of enterprise scale, the rules of conduct in decentralized business units are not unified, service processes are not standard which add the difficulty in enterprise management, they make that the existing organizational structure of enterprises have to integrate, so the Financial Shared Services come into being. As a new type of resource integration management, Financial Shared Services make financial operations that easily standardized in process reengineering and standardization, aim to achieve lower cost, increase customer satisfaction, improve service quality and enhance business efficiency. Today, Financial Shared Services has been widely used in foreign multinational corporations, and it is proved that the benefits are remarkable. Although we country introduce this model lately, now there are more and more companies try and promote the progressive group.I have in-depth studied the monographs, papers and cases about shared services in domestic and foreign countries, summary the concept, features, advantages and disadvantages and so on of shared service model systematically and comprehensively. Then according to the demand of our communication enterprise in development course, I analyze some major problems in the implementation of Financial Shared Services in communication enterprises in China from theory and practical aspects, then conclude the six key factors, implementation methods and the assessment and control in Financial Shared Services program of the communication enterprise from the current research, finally take an example to show the application of shared services center in some communication enterprise. The paper focuses on the implementation method, location of shared services center and performance appraisal, supply the solution how to solve the difficulty of recruiting employee, use multiple indicators method in building shared services location model, introduce a comprehensive Balanced Scorecard-based performance evaluation system and Sigma evaluation in the performance appraisal theory.Finally, summary and outlook of the Financial Shared Services model in the development of our country, we hope that this paper will help our business managers and business executives form the correct understanding on the management of Financial Shared Services, and it can supply important strategy implementation for Financial Shared Services in its practical.
Keywords/Search Tags:Financial Shared Services, Communication Enterprises, Key Factor, Implementation Plan, Performance Assessment
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