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The Research And Achievement Of Smartcard On Network Security Management System

Posted on:2010-08-31Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:J GaoFull Text:PDF
GTID:2178360278465820Subject:Information security
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Information security gets more and more attention by the most fast development of the technology of computer and internet. PKI, as a core of information security and a key-point and basic technology, support management system of private key and certificate to every applications of net—supplying basic fundamental with security sevice and the establishment which using public key theory and technology. The market of smartcard that combining with PKI is developing so fast. It has been widely using because its security. So it becomes more and more important for software developer to make the research and application on the system which basing smartcard.This paper basing on Windows XP and Windows 2000, as well as the network securtiy management system, designs a project about system logon and file managing which based on smartcard. This project of the part of the security management uses the smartcard supported by MingHua and the technologies of Windows API, CryptoAPI, cryptoki, openssl. Further, this paper makes analysis and improvement to the bug.The user's logon and safety certification of windows operation is realized with cooperation of winlogon and GINA. This paper gives a purpose of replacing GINA to self-defination dll which is added a authentication by smartcard using. And this purpose could design a more flexible and security authentication according to the interfaces supported by the factories. This paper makes the management of file more and more security by designing a mechanism of sharing and en-decryption which based on the participant of smartcard. The Share of file using NTFS authority, share authority and the identification between service and client. Encrypting the file application uses the technology of driver. Without the smartcard, invaders can't not get any efficient data from our computors. The project also analyse and develop the IceSSL component by adding the using of smartcart to the security transmission of ICE.
Keywords/Search Tags:smartcard, system logon, share, encryption
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