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Research On Digital Resources Integration Of Library

Posted on:2008-04-02Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:X Y TianFull Text:PDF
GTID:2178360215499904Subject:Education Technology
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Along with the advent of the network and digital age, collections in a library also changed greatly, digital resources take greater and greater role. The digital resources are easy to share, to retrieval, they bring much convenience to the users. However, users find much difficulty in using these digital resources because of the increase of their quantities and types, of the systematical difference between databases, the content repetition, the poor association of knowledge. Various information and digital formats and difference in storage, index language and searching ways also can cause the difficulty. When using different databases and online resources, the users must repeat even the same steps to enter different databases. This not only leads to the waste of the users time and the equipments, but also depress the efficiency of the library service. As a result, it became an important task to find a way which can shield the structural difference of databases, design a common index base and conform the digital organic so that the users can do an one-stop search for the digital resources. This also is a significant research problem urgent to be solved in the field of information management.This article attempts to make a deep analysis and study on the integration of digital resources of the library from the applied point of view, on the basis of which the scheme of integration is proposed. Principle of relationship of the theory to practice is insisted on while methods of literature analYSiS, survey study, testing and using experimentally and comparison are adopted. After the study on related literature of integration of digital resources, its definition, theoretical foundation, principle, way as well as the research from home and abroad are elaborated thoroughly. Several famous integration systems of digital resources at home and abroad are introduced and compared, and then evaluating indicator and selective standard which should be paid attention to when introducing these systems are put forward.Based on the careful research and experiment that has been done for the digital resources integration in the library of ShaanXi Normal University (SNNU), this paper designed the general blueprint of integrated management system for digital resources in the library of SNNU. The general blueprint includes the following items, such as, the contents of its digital library, the basic plan of construction, aims and methods that should be followed in the course of resources integration. The last part is an additional introduction to the work that has been successfully achieved in the whole plan for the integration of resources in the library of SNNU.
Keywords/Search Tags:digital library, resource integration, digital resources, Integrated management system for digital resources
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