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Study On Electronic Voting Protocols Based On Anonymous Communication Channel

Posted on:2008-06-21Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:W H QinFull Text:PDF
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With the development of computer science and communication technology, electronic voting based on Internet has maken a figure. Electronic voting bases on cryptology, and uses technology of computer and communication to achieve the purpose of election. Compared with conventional voting, the electronic voting can offer more freedom and more efficiency. But, the safety of it cannot be satisfied, and should be improved on. Now many domestic and foreign scholars are bending themselves to the research of electronic voting. Their purpose is to improve its safety and efficiency. Because of using cryptology, we have maken progress in theoretical research and application. Although, how to design a more secure and more practical voting scheme is still a hot topic.First of all, my article introduced the basic knowledge of cryptology used in electronic voting. We expatiated the essential characters that a safe scheme should possess. Then, we analyzed several representative schemes, and pointed out several disadvantages in those schemes. Afterward, we designed a new scheme which based on blind multi-signature, anonymous communication channel and electronic bulletin board. In the new scheme, the election committee was appointed the highest authority center and trusty center. Furthermore, another three agencies were established, and the functions and power were distributed over them rationally. By means of voters' choosing the sequence numbers of their own votes, the new scheme prevented the vote distributing center from cheating. By means of employing several signature ageneies, the new scheme decentralized the power of the authentication center, so it assured the legal voters' anonymity. By means of using a special card for claiming, the new scheme resolved the problem of voters' retreating from election. By strict analysis, it was confirmed that the new scheme possesses the characters of integrality, accuracy, anonymity, dispassion, verifiability, privacy and nonuser. Besides, computations and operations appearing in the new scheme will be fast and easy for voters. In conclusion, the new scheme will be manipulated easily.In the end, we analyzed advantages and disadvantages of the new scheme. We anatomized the structures of existing electronic voting schemes. We summarized the basis on which the voting steps could be compartmentalized reasonably. And, we prefigured the research achievement in this field in the future.
Keywords/Search Tags:electronic voting, anonymous communication channel, digital signature, blind multi-signature, nonuser
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