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Distributed Main Memory Database System With Transaction Management

Posted on:2007-01-11Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:W WangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2178360185468114Subject:Computer Science and Technology
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These years, Database theory and technology develop rapidly. Hierarchical database, network database and relational database, which are the Three-classical database and representative of all traditional databases, are successfully applied for some important but limited fields, such as traditional business and affairs management fields. However, the database application is extending, from old fields to some new modern fields, these modern applications, especially as complex objects, time management (including scheduling and timing), regulation or initiative mechanism, and also some database language with stronger function, need modern new database. At the same time, it is required high system performance, especially to ensure just like "HARD REAL-TIME" requirement. For these applications, traditional DRDB (Disk-Resident Database) can not satisfy any more. So we try to develop a new kind of DBMS on basis of current resources. At present, there are quantities of computer facilities and network resource. But most of them are left unused. So we designed a new model to make full use of them according to MMDB (Main Memory Database) theory and DDB (Distributed Database) technology. We call this system as DMMD (Distributed Main Memory Database) and it can help to make full use of main memory resource. It's easy for extension, universal and convenience.During the search for distributed main memory database system, we base on this Chord protocol to provide guarantees for the efficiency, robustness, and load-balance of data storage and management function. The design of system does this with a completely decentralized architecture than can reach a large scale of systems. The core of system consists of three layers, i.e., communication layer, entity layer and data package layer, and design the transaction management and concurrency control. From this paper we...
Keywords/Search Tags:Distributed main memory database, Chord, Entity, Transaction management, Concurrency control
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