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Research And Application On Key Technologies Of Main Memory Database In DTS System

Posted on:2008-06-12Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:L D ZhangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2178360272467888Subject:Systems analysis and integration
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Dispatcher Training Simulator (DTS) is a kind of real-time simulate system that is used for power dispatcher training. DTS can simulate the running state of real power system by using computer technology. Memory Database System (MMDBS) is the core module, which is in charge of real-time data storage and management and providing data communications support for other modules of DTS. With the rapid expanse of DTS'functions, it demands the MMDBS to be more and more efficient and reliable.MMDB improves its performance mainly by two ways. The first way is changing the database structure to reduce the costs of searches; the second choice is choosing suitable strategies to meet with concurrent control.By analyzing the characteristics of DTS, this paper proposes Extendible Hashing with conflict chains and T-tree index algorithm after deep studying on indexing technology based on tree structure and hash technology; In concurrency control, according to real-time feature of the system, the paper analyzes the two-phase locking protocol (2PL)and the applications of 2PL-Ordered Sharing (2PL-OS) in MMDB. To cope with the transaction's cascading abort problem in 2PL-OS, 2PL-OS/ACA (Avoiding Cascading Abort) is used in DTS-MMDB, which maintains the characteristics of ordered sharing and avoiding reading dirty data.Combined the actual demand for Nanyang's DTS project, Client/Server design pattern is used in DTS-MMDB. The real-time transactions are adopted 2PL-OS/ACA strategy and snapshot, and the system implementes multi-user concurrent access.Finally, the paper makes a review of above work, proposes the innovations and inadequate of current design, and makes the future prospects of indexing technology and concurrency control technology in DTS-MMDBS.
Keywords/Search Tags:Dispatcher Training Simulator (DTS), Main Memory Database (MMDB), Extendible Hashing, Concurrency Control, Ordered Sharing
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