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Memory Database Transaction Management And Realization

Posted on:2007-04-09Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:S S ShiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2208360182993692Subject:Computer application technology
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In recent years, MMDB (Main Memory Database) have become more and more important in the area of Database research. MMDB play a key role in the real-time systems which need high performance and high concurrency. There are many problems to be investigated in this new area. In this paper we investigated in the transaction management technology. Then this paper deeply analyses concurrency control technology. And we also introduce the design and structure of a MMDB system which realizes some of these technologies.First, we look back to the development of MMDB technology. As hardware developed rapidly, we can use high-capacity Ram to realize the designation of MMDB which was only in people's mind. MMDB can be used in the area which needs cope with real time transactions and in these areas disk resident database's performance can not meet to the needs of application in reality. So MMDB have become a hot spot in the area of database research.Then we introduce the overall designation of MMDB. For the sake of improve the performance of MMDB, we use some technology in almost all levels of the designation. In the operation system level, In order to improve the performance of malloc and free memory the system manage the memory operation by itself. Then we introduce how to design management of tables and management of rows. After a great amount of test, the performance of this MMDB system can meet the reality application's needs.a basic understanding of the issues in MMDB systems is provided and the research effort in this area is introduced. Then we provide the overview of transaction management which includes concurrency control and recovery management. Transaction management is a key technology which does great effect in the performance of database system.The basic concurrency control protocols are showed which include lock management, time-stamp management and validation check management. After that, the specification of lock management investigation is showed in this paper. Since we need to access data in memory thorough index, we demonstrate some investigation on concurrency control of index. At last we talked about two refinements of concurrency control in MMDB which include multi-version concurrency control and multi-granularity concurrency control technology.Then we introduce the design of transaction management of MMDB to realize the technologies we talked previous. The Last chapter is the overview of this paper and shows some possible future research directions in this area.
Keywords/Search Tags:MMDB, Concurrency Control, Transaction Management
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