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The Research & Implement Of Real Time Database Based On OPC

Posted on:2004-11-21Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:X ChenFull Text:PDF
GTID:2168360092981058Subject:Computer application technology
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Abstract: The theory and technology of Database is developing very rapidly,in today's information society,it's omnipresent,but the application of database is extending from traditional fields to new fields, especially,in process control field,the application is very different to traditional application, their facility and character, both database and real-time handling must be different,it not only need database to support sharing of large data for maintaining accordance but also need real-time handling to support it's transactions and data's timer real-time database technology now become a spickandspan direction, through RTDB we can well bring data management, data exchange and data sharing of process control supervise system into effect.Through making a study of present real-time DB technology and OPC technology, which is most popular industrial standard interface, we make a preliminary design of a RTDBMS based on OPC,lastly a RTDBMS have been accomplished,which is designed based on electric network supervise system, then all the application developer can use the RTDB control to create any system which need support of real-time database.After the test of RTDBMS which we have realized,without trigger,it only need 80ms to insert 1000 records, 20ms to select 1000 records from the table,100ms to update 1000 records,as against MySQL and other relation DBMS,our's RTDBMS has hundredfold quick reaction,in the application environment in which many fields need be triggerd,it also has quick reaction which the other relation DBMS is beyond comparison.
Keywords/Search Tags:Real-Time DataBase, OPC, Main Memory, DataBase Concurrency Control, Transaction Handling, Trigger Mechanism
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